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Why is Emotional Intelligence Important?
Why is understanding Emotional Intelligence important when developing leadership?
Coaching using the EBW System
Using Emotional Intelligence recruits better graduates and managers
Creating Successful Leaders & Teams with the EBWt System
Coaching using the EBW System


Thousands of studies have shown that effective leaders use more Emotional Intelligence competencies every day than others in leadership positions (Goleman, 1998)

Understanding and developing your Emotional Intelligence so you are more successful takes time that many leaders and managers do not seem able to find, despite the rewards it can bring. The EBW Coaching Programme answers that problem by using focussed coaching. It is based on a 10 session ‘programme that improves an individual’s Emotional Intelligence and their potential for success.

Emotional Intelligence is recognised as a crucial ingredient for effective leadership and management. Emotional intelligence, unlike IQ, can be learnt at any time during your life and career.

Harvard Business Review says EI plays a far greater role than IQ in determining leaders' and organizations' success. One can’t do much to improve IQ but can boost EI by understanding which skills define it.

Over a number of sessions EBW accredited coaches help individuals and teams explore areas (Influencing Others, Motivation & Success, Working with Pressure etc.) they wish to improve and develop strategies to transform their effectiveness at work and realise their potential.

The EBW System Improves Performance….

It develops an individual’s or a team’s self awareness of emotions and behaviour that creates success. Individuals can see instantly which emotions and behaviours are inhibitors and activators to effective performance. Barriers to progress are easily identifiable.
The EBW coaching programme ensures key areas for success are evaluated and developed with experiential
exercises to embed the learning from the coaching sessions.
The EBW System enables forward-looking organisations to access the power of emotions to create better leaders, more productive teams and team members.

EBW Coaching Benefits

  1. The EBW System benchmarks and provides accurate feedback on the areas that affect success in the work place.
  2. The EBW Coaching Programme is focused coaching aimed at developing specific organizational or individual needs. e.g. leadership potential, communication conflict etc.
  3. The EBW Reports enable tailor made solutions suited for the organisation or individual. e.g. Face to face or telephone coaching.
  4. The EBW Model allows individuals to validate assumptions, check progress and chart success that is measured against organisational objectives.
  5. The EBW Coaching Map structures the individual’s or team’s development on a weekly/monthly basis enabling them to be more successful in their role.

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