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Why is Emotional Intelligence Important?
Why is understanding Emotional Intelligence important when developing leadership?
Coaching using the EBW System
Using Emotional Intelligence recruits better graduates and managers
Creating Successful Leaders & Teams with the EBWt System
Creating Successful Leaders & Teams with the EBWt System


What is the EBWt System?

The EBWt System provides a clear picture of a team and the impact each team member has on team colleagues and the performance of the team.
The output is the EBWt Team Report where each behavioural cluster is analysed and described from a ‘360’ viewpoint. Facilitators, team leaders and teams can see instantly which team behaviours are inhibitors and activators to effective team performance. Barriers to progress are easily identifiable (See Fig 1).

Fig 1

EBWt Process Develops Team Success

Using the EBWt System there are five stages to developing team success:
Stage 1 Analyse, benchmark and agree success indicators and objectives for the leadership or team exercise
Stage 2 Each team member completes the EBW
Stage 3 The leader and each team member have a focussed coaching session using their personal EBW report
Stage 4 One day ‘360’ team coaching session on behavioural and emotional inhibitors and activators to team success
Stage 5 Focussed performance coaching for leaders and team members

Why use the EBWt System?

  • For Leadership Coaching, Team Selection & Development and Management Development Programmes.
  • Provides a unique method to analyse the impact emotions and behaviours can have on teams and their leaders.
  • Brings ‘real’ data and a benchmark to leadership development and the team building process.
  • Ensures that by using experiential activities the benefits of embedding EBW analyses into current working practice will be demonstrated.
  • Enables the team to focus on the ‘real’ issues (emotions and behaviours) for developing success.

"The EBWt Report showed very quickly where the team issues were. The team exercises we carried out with Karen (EBW Facilitator) were insightful and valuable as was the individual feedback sessions. The process has, and will, continue to be very useful in generating a common understanding of how we can achieve success."

Robert Johest, Sales Director



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