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Work Process for Executive Search:


Tailored projects and integrated recruitment solutions to serve the specific needs of our clients. Our work approach is mainly separated into four distinct phases:


1. Job Analysis:
We will conduct a position analysis once we received the information from our client.  We will assess the possibility of conducting the search before we undertake the assignment.  This is to ensure that we have sufficient capability to undertake such assignment before we commit to the job.

2. Candidate Identification:
In this phase, we will take a two-pronged approach to identify potential candidates.
Industry Research: We will identify the international or local organizations in China, which are most likely to have potential candidates with relevant experience in the industry. Where these organizations are not our clients, we will directly contact the candidates with the greatest potential to obtain information on their backgrounds to further assess their suitability.
Database Research: We will also use our database to search every prospective candidate. Our Executive Search Database contains nearly half a million active candidate’s data. We will contact directly with these individuals and assess each candidate’s background in accordance with the position requirements. During this process, we will assess information about each candidate’s capability, background, motivation to join the company and also their package expectation.

3. Candidate Assessment:
We will proceed to conduct in-depth interviews with each of the candidates. These in-depth interviews will be used to assess each candidate’s track record, management style, motivation and understanding of the role. Most critically, their ability to work with you and your management team will also be evaluated.

4. Deliverable: Shortlist Of 3 – 4 Candidates:
Once we have completed screening the candidates, we will provide the clients with a shortlist of 3 –4 candidates, including detailed resumes on each candidate and a qualitative profile describing his/her current position, motivation to join your company and personal situation. We will also provide you with an objective assessment and Job Fit Analysis reports (JFA) of the different strengths that each candidate brings to the position. The entire search process will require approximately 3 – 4 weeks, depending on different job requirements and job specifications.


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